A Lovely Tea Experience at TWG Indonesia

"Some believe a cup of tea will help to resist stress. But, I believe it's only you can resist stress by having a good deal of think & life positively. Tea just a perfect complement." W_Hapsari :)

Firstly, I don't know why this girls was so excited to go to TWG with her best friend (my BF have another BF, so I have many BF now! yippie).  My BF's BF studying english in Singapore, so we welcoming her by having an afternoon tea at TWG. They met each other in Manchester while my BF studied english. Afternoon tea is uncommon in Indonesia, but commonly in U.K. Previously afternoon tea known as a high society dining on civilized era, but nowadays it become a light afternoon meals or only for enjoying talk at noon. But still, afternoon tea never lose the charm of tea enjoyment.
My gentleman, Napoleon. And his lady, Macarons

They called as a tea salon and boutique. Located in a fancy Mall, Plaza Senayan, TWG serve you another experience of enjoying a cup of tea. Kiki (my BF) and Anna (her BF, she is Korean) used to have the afternoon tea while they hang out in U.K. So, it is pleased to know and enjoying a tea experience with them. TWG have a many kind of tea from all over the world. Since all of us have our own taste of tea we order three different tea menu. Anna order Indonesia Black tea, with sugar and milk as a complement. Kiki order green tea menu as usual (she don't know any kind of tea but her favorite green tea :P). I ask the waiter about what kind of tea with milk which is favorite here, because I don't like a bitter taste. They suggest me to have a Napoleon tea, the tea with a caramel taste. So, I order Napoleon.

Most of the tea cost you about Rp.50.000 - Rp.100.000

I thought it must be sweet as it smells. It smells a strong burn caramel. But, unfortunately, it's only the smells, not also as the taste, the taste still bitter. So I ask for an extra sugar. Napoleon must be good for Kiki, because she doesn't like sweet, but bitter. Because smells strong of caramel must be so enjoyable. Napoleon also have a mild taste then Anna's tea, Black tea is quite gentle. One teapot maybe for three cups. Well, maybe because this is my first time coming to tea salon & boutique such as TWG, so I admire for how they serve the tea. So Cute! Haha. The teapot color was so match with the cup. The gold of teapot and the white of cups looks elegantly when it comes for our table. Also, their boutique concept is so adorable. It was like trapped in a tons of cute tea box and tea can (won't denied if i surely trapped here for long time).

Feels you are sitting on the corner of European restaurant

I missed my breakfast, thought to have it on TWG, but it was 11 o'clock, so I order a brunch menu. A Summer Quiche. It's vegetarian quiche.

Accompanied  by salad, the dressing was good. Cost you Rp.65.000
Both of them already have breakfast, so they order a TWG Fortune Set. A snack. This kind of meal for tea companion.
TWG Fortune is a set of 3 macarons, choice of scones, muffins and pattiserie. The snacks is served with whipped cream and tea jelly. I though the jelly was a jam, but is not soft as jam, it was gently, most likely to thick. Anna and I loves the whipped cream so much! So ask again or whipped cream. Haha, No fear for fat!

The TWG Fortune Set. Rp.130.000

Now, I know why these two girls love to have an afternoon tea. We have a long conversation, talk about anything, Anna shared about Korea. Kiki & I share the topics about Indonesia. Anna & Kiki shares about their live in U.K. Im happy knows that my BF have a BF like Anna when she was in U.K (Without me). Seeing them sharing is lovely for me. Anna & Kiki looks so happy(over happy maybe). Having an afternoon tea and also Anna was like Kiki's pleased, because the next day is her first day of work. Kiki quite stressful while looking for a job (this might be the same problem for everybody). So, the tea help her released the stress, and of course, celebrating the job. 

Anna already leaving to Singapore. Three of us believe, someday, sooner or later, we will have another afternoon tea. Drink a tea like a lady. :*

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