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Hi Hi You!!
How's life going there?
Whatever is happen there, hopefully you always happy with that.

Mount Batur view

Last month, I went diving in Tulamben & Amed, 3 hours driving from Kuta, Bali.
I never thought will go to Bali for holiday since Bali was too mainstream to visit for people's holiday. People always talk about a beautiful Bali beaches.
I don't think so, because from what I've seen in picture and read some review was bad, the beach is dirty, tourist trashing everywhere. People only sightseeing and spend time for only having fun, party-ing in Bali. Especially in Kuta.
But  I was wrong, those story I've heard and thought about Bali has changed since I have a diving license and enjoying a Yoga for my healthy life. Ya, you know how happy I am about my diving licences as my dream comes true. Not only a healthy life but Yoga also have a good impact for my mind & soul. Moreover, Yoga teach you peacefully instead of I'm suffering when doing a Yoga because it will build a good body pose (a bit painfully for my bone sometime ). I've spent almost a week in Bali. Diving, yoga, and sightseeing to Mount Batur and the lake.

Any thing good in Bali when you do it as a local. Mingling with the local, this is my holiday theme of Bali. Lucky me cause I enjoy the most travel in my own country, so it wasn't hard to mingle with people around. Many things happen when you are doing good and lots of smile to local people. In Kuta, they have a free Yoga class every day, morning and evening, they call it Sunrise or Sunset Yoga. I'm joining both sunrise and sunset yoga in Kuta, that was free, enjoyable and moreover I have some Balinesse  good friends, they treat me very nice while doing yoga, and we have a food together after class. 

Sunrise Sunset Yoga in Kuta

A good time I've spent in Tulamben & Amed is about diving. This moment was very special for me, instead having a good view of diving, I can upgrade my fan room to deluxe room for free when staying for diving. The hotel management was so nice, they know my diving organization, treat me like a friend. The owner is the only local people who runs the dive center in Tulamben. FYI, diving industry in Indonesia was run by (most) foreign people, and only small local people who runs diving business in Bali. Very few. Maybe because of the knowledge about diving business and also the government doesn't give a support. His name is Pak Wayan Tambir, the owner. His kindness makes me feel owe him something, like have to do dive with him again and again. NO is not the owe, it is only because I love diving and wanna do it again and again.. Hahaha *:)) laughing.

He buys me a Durian, an Asian Fruit, remember? Pick me up for free from the nearest bus station (used to pay if you go with travel agent), his employee drive me to Ubud (for free, because the driver will go to Kuta to pick up the guest, I just hitchhiking cause Ubud is on the same way to Kuta, *LOL), he gave me a used book of manual dive book (this book was to expensive if I have to buy, *cry), and so on. So many good things I receive from this man. The resort have a private beach, and my room is a river view!! haha, happiest ever. I will post the picture on my FB, if you want to take a look. 

And And And. Guess what.
I met the grand master of the ocean!!! TURTLE.. I'm so happy to meet them. Many of them swim peacefully there. I met them twice of my dive. Sadly, I met a turtle with sores in the shell. Turtle sores shell. It may caused he was trap in fisherman anchor rope and try to release. 
But yaa, I finally met them. Super happy, when I met them, it feels like meet you also in the ocean. 
Are you still keep in the turtle bangle? Still have the box on you? *:) happy

Diving in Bali

Hey, still long story to tell, let me know when you have a free time to read the remaining of my Bali story. It is only a short.

Will keep report you on the next article, reader. 

PS : *this is a letter to my friend, but feels I enjoy writing blog while im writing to him.

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