My Wonderful Ocean

*little insight from a newbie dive guide.

I wonder how great the ocean has treat and entertain us very well. My imagination always turn to something wonderful like the ocean works very hard to serve us, human - as a guest. Have you watch the Inside Out movie by Disney Pixar? I imagine ocean is controlled by some fishes, or many fishes whose work together for the nature's balance,and human needed. Like in a company, they have several sections including department for specific controller;

1. Water section: controlling the water temperature, visibility, current, surge, etc.

2. Entertainment section: fish who swim around for enjoyment or education, creatures for photography, and any kind of marine life. 

3. Reef section: soft and hard coral, reef, topography.

4. Supply section: seafood for better protein, mating season management, fish that trapped on fisherman's net, etc.

As a human-guest, we could be THE SAVIOR or THE DESTROYER for those kind of great things that ocean already gave us. Can't be denied that human knows as exploiter. Sharks and Rays already become an endangered animals. Fin sharks on a soup bowl become the most wanted on restaurant menu, rays meat taste delicious on a chinese restaurant. Fisherman use bomb to serves peoples need of fish. Marine debris starts killing the marine life like turtle eats the plastic, many fishes tangled on fisherman fishing nets. So, are we still keeping this longer and ocean suffering without any help from the human who should be their savior? 
I starts with the girl in the mirror. 
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