Padi Dive Master Scholarship, Transforms our lives.

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Becoming PADI Dive master transforms our life. Joining dive master “Zero To Hero” program that held by AquaMarine diving is a big opportunity for both of us. Scuba diving is a social sport where the fans share the same interest and passion about the ocean. Since the beginning this program, we learnt so much things about scuba diving and the ocean. We learned about fundamental scuba diving skill, marine life including their behaviour and habitat, and also learn about ocean environment activities. We enjoying every single learning progress. No day without learning to become professional scuba dive master. AquaMarine's atmosphere is also good for studying become a dive master, with  great buddy, dive team, and good management. 

Roy and I, on Toyapakeh dive site.
Roy said, “I learn not only about growing up as a professional diver, but also have a strong character and passion for my life."

While me, Sari, thought that scuba diving is my passion, and Indonesia women scuba diver become increasingly popular, while its still difficult to find the women DM. So this program is the fundamental reasons to become a professional women DM following my passion. 

Both of us not only learning about scuba diving skill but also sharing our passion with the guest. It can be shows while we handling the guest. We become a person who have an ability to easy get along in any kind of social-sphere. Facing the difficulties of the guest to become something they enjoy the most. And should be knowledgeable to talk with the guest and some other fellow diver. Since then, scuba diving transform our life.

Scuba diving has – and continues to – transform our lives.
On Sealife Micro 2.0 testing, took by Om Phi at Toyapakeh dive site. This symbol is not OK, but A, Awesome.
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