Padi Divemaster Scholarship, To Become an Aquatic Ambassadors

The 11 months PADI Dive Master Internship Programme for Indonesian Citizens.

Hereby I would like to introduce you to something beyond the usual, PADI Dive Master "Scholarship" Programme.

This programme is a unformal type of education, where you will experience growth of knowledge and skills as a Dive Master in a excessive, but yet fun way. With this programme you will experience the pad of becoming a Dive Master, by doing many fun Diving Activities.

Both snorkelers and Divers can be seen as ambassadors of the sea. However, it can be said that divers are the main ambassadors as their interaction with the underwater world goes much deeper than a snorkeler.  Actually, the participation of a scuba diver in underwater environment, brings benefits to the aquatic life. Therefore it can be said that, we - scuba divers, are one of the most important supporters of the underwater world. 

Within the last years, scuba diving became a popular activity in Indonesia. The experience of diving becomes more accessible since Bali as the key of dive destinations in Indonesia, became extremely popular as a worldwide tourist destination. Since this moment, Bali as a dive destination has ensured for many new certified divers. Unfortunately, becoming a dive master is still difficult to reach, mainly due to the high costs. Therefore, many Indonesian citizens join a dive centre and work for them, while following the dive master course for free.
Padi Divemaster
I guide to USAT Liberty Shipwreck, Tulamben dive site.

Continuing the success of
 11 months PADI Dive Master Internship Programme for Indonesian Citizens. AquaMarine Diving Bali, is looking for potential candidate to become 2017 internship student. Successful candidate will be trained on 2017. 

Maybe you are curious why I write my article in English, as I am an Indonesian citizen myself. To get the PADI dive master scholarship, one of the primary requirements is the ability of communicating in English. Of course your English doesn’t have to be perfect, however, you must be able to interact with people that cannot speak or understand your mother language. Out of own experience, I can say that; the more I speak English, the easier it becomes for me.

So, if you have an outstanding interest to get this opportunity, here are the following criteria to become an AquaMarine Diving – Bali dive master intern ;
  • Indonesian Citizenship
  • Willing to do an interview at the office of AquaMarine Diving - Bali. (No Skype interview!)
  • Minimum age is 20 years old.
  • Must be a strong swimmer
  • Must speak English
  • Be able to socialize with others (tourists)
  • Needs to pass the medical examination
What you will learn in AquaMarine Diving – Bali as an intern?
  • You will be trained from becoming an open water certified diver until you are a dive master. Which are from open water, advance open water, EFR, Rescue, and Dive  Master. You probably will hold another specialty licences. Depend of what opportunity and ability you have. Mine is Nitrox.
  • You will join diving activities such as, guiding guests, getting familiarized with Project Aware, learn about standard technical equipment, running the compressor, etc
  • Learning about dive centre management.

project aware
Me, Steve(fellow guide), guest, Roy(One of intern, my buddy), on AquaMarine Boat

What next? 
The main objective of this scholarship programme is to create and provide new dive guides/masters of high quality. But me, personally, want to become more than that. You can become anything with your dive master skills, not only a dive guide. Just to mention a few examples, you can continue as a dive instructor, working in ocean conservation or start your own dive centre!

The Proof ;
All current and previous interns have shown that AquaMarine Diving - Bali has a dive master programme of high quality, due to all the successful internships. All my fellow and previous interns of AquaMarine Diving – Bali are currently working in high qualified dive centre/resorts. Some of them even learned further and became Dive Instructors.

Feel free to ask about this program , I will be happy to hear from you. Give a shoot! Application will be closed on October 31st 2016.

So. if you have a high interest of this, please check on, or send your CV by email to

Show your potential, and become a Divemaster. 
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  1. Is it full scholarship?for equipments, accomodation (meal & housing) and myb extra money for monthly allowance..pls give information details because i m very interested in

    1. Hi Neng Lone,
      How you describe a full scholarship?

      Well, This opportunity will give you a chance to get a full Divemaster licenses, for free.
      They will provide you ;
      - Rental dive gear, you have to bring it back after the program.
      - Lunch on working day.
      - Monthly allowance, i can't said that a "gaji bulanan", because it's below the minimum wage of Bali. BUT....
      - Accommodation will be provided(kost), should be single or shared room.
      So, should it be called as a fully scholarship?

      Good luck Neng Lone.

  2. Kesempatan yang bagus ini buat yang minat dengan dunia bawah air :)

    1. Hi Om Bisot.

      Yess, menyelam sambil minum air katanya.
      Jadi divemaster, menikmati dunia bawah laut sambil kerja ngumpulin duit buat membangun hidup.


  3. Replies
    1. Hi Andrea.
      Please send your CV to email on the bottom of my article. Hurry up, deadline coming!
      Good luck.. ;)

  4. Aku menunggu kamu yg jadi buddy ku nanti untuk bertemu mola2 manja

    1. Doakan aku sukses segera MazTor,
      *cium tangan lalu berangkat ke sekolah

  5. duhhhh mau banget ambil license!
    belom kesampean masih raguuuuuuuu

    met kenal mbak
    main main ke blog saya juga ya:D

    salam damai :D

    1. Harus dicoba, kalau ragu gak bakalan nyelam. Haha.
      salam kenal. :)

  6. mba, aku tertarik banget sama tulisan mba.
    boleh tau gambaran kegiatannya kek gimana? misalnya mulai dari jam berapa sampe berapa, terus hari apa sampe hari apa.
    terus kita ngapain aja selama pelatihan ini? selama 11 bulan itu fullday dive gitu mba?
    terima kasih mba.

    1. Hallo Angelina.
      Gambaran kegiatannya panjang banget, soon bisa cek ditulisanku "A day in life as a divemaster".
      Simplenya nanti kegiatan kita di office and outdoor. Lalau kamu punya pengalaman dipekerjaan outdoor/pariwisata pasti udah gambaran. Day trip bisa dari jam 5 pagi - 6sore(dive day), tapi kalau cuma di office satu hari 8jam kerja. Day off ditentukan kantor, so this is unpredictable.

      Good luck! ;)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hi Mbak Sari,
    Menarik sekali ya sepertinya... Btw, mengenai monthly allowance yang di bawah UMR. Apakah kita diperbolehkan untuk mencari par time job selain ketika bekerja di kantor Aqua Marine?


    1. HI Agnes.

      Dibawah UMR, tapi kalau ditambah dengan harga akomodasi nanti jumlahnya akan setara dengan UMR Bali.
      Part time job sih bisa aja, asal gak mengganggu jadwal belajar n jadwal kerja. Dan tidak berhubungan dengan diving juga, i mean jadi dive guide part timer ditempat lain. hihi. Integritas.

      Good luck and Cheers.